Typical thermoforming processing steps are clamping, heating, forming, cooling and trimming (see animation above right). Ocean Manufacturing Limited has a number of machines that are capable of producing a wide variety of different packaging solutions.

Pressure Forming:

Our pressure forming machine is designed as a tilt mould system. The combination of forming and trimming tools with hardened punch and die guarantee long tool life while maintaining high accuracy.

With pressure forming we can produce products ranging from cups and lids to complex shaped packages simply by changing the lightweight tool and stacking components.

Product output rates range from 1,000 to 11,000 parts per hour depending on material type, thickness and the number of cavities. The forming area is 320mm x 150mm with max depth of draw of 120mm and a maximum positive depth of draw of 25mm. Pressure forming is ideally suited for many roll-feed thermoplastic materials including PET, HIPS, PVC, ABS, PS, OPS and many others.

Vacuum Forming:

Our vacuum forming machine will produce high definition mouldings in up to 6mm thick material. These machines are designed to be highly adaptable and tool change can be carried out in minimum amount of time. It is also ideal for prototype development work and small production runs. Maximum Forming Area 650mm x 550mm

Designed By : Dragnet Systems Limited.
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